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  • College Introduction

    當前位置:首頁  College Introduction

    The College of Electronic Engineering was established in 2009, and its predecessor, the Department of Electronic Engineering, was founded in 1988. With 30 years of productive work, it has made remarkable achievements and marked its place in the University’s engineering education history. 

    Student Population

    1,100 full-time undergraduate students and 220 master students.

    Teacher Population

    64 full-time teachers, including 12 professors, 18 associate professors and senior engineers.

    3 Bachelor’s Degree Programs

    Electronic Information Engineering; Communication Engineering; Electronic Science and Technology

    2 Master’s Degree Programs

    Electronic Science and Technology; Electronics and Communication engineering

    4 Provincial Key Labs

    Computer Software and Communication Engineering

    Data mining and Information Security

    Electronic Information Technology and Automation

    Non-linear Circuit and Optical Communication

    2 Provincial Teaching and Innovation Centers

    Solar Photovoltaic Engineering Research Center 

    Electronic Information Teaching Center

    20 College Labs in 5 Categories 

    Communication Technology, A.I., Automation, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Signal and Information Process, Integrated Circuits, Microprocessor, Imbedded System, FPGA and CPLD Applications, Computer Software, etc.

    Research Projects

    In recent 5 years, the College has hosted 27 research projects founded by National Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects founded by Ministry of Science and Technology, 21 projects founded by Autonomous Region Science Foundation, 30 projects founded by Guangxi Science and Technology Department. 

    Students’ Awards

    In recent 5 years, students from the College have been awarded more than 10 National First Prizes, 32 National Second Prizes, 36 Regional First Prizes and over 60 Regional Second Prizes in a variety of science competitions. 

    Teachers’ Awards

    1 National Teaching Achievement Award Second Prize

    2 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Second Prize

    1 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Third Prize 

    1 Provincial Natural Science Third Prize, 

    1 Provincial Youth Science and Technology Award 

    4 Provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievement Prizes 

    Social Services

    The College cooperates with a variety of enterprises and has developed and completed over 30 industrial projects that produced direct and indirect economic benefits over ¥100 million. These projects included technical integration and demonstration of the whole mechanized production line of bamboo cutting board processing, research and industrialization of key technologies for solar grid-connected and off-grid power generation, development and application of smart card copy writer technology, development and application of automatic multi-blade saw with multi log-feeding channels, etc. 

    Contact us 

    Tel:  86-773-5826559

    Fax:  86-773-5826559

    Email:  gxnudgxy@163.com

    Address:  College of Electronic Engineering, Guangxi Normal University, 15 Yucai Rd, Guilin, Guangxi, P. R. China              Postal code: 541004

    Job Vacancies

    Recruit website:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/5uu0mt2DT8dbBlzLDbWOJg

    Lecturers or teaching staffs in following disciplines are needed:

    ?Physical Electronics

    ?Electronic Circuit and System

    ?Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

    ?Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

    ?Communication and Information Systems (CIS)

    ?Signal and Information Processing (SIP)

    Please send your CV/ Résumé to Email:  gxnudgxy@163.com